Holy Crap, I got engaged today.

I'm on a Facebook privacy freakout at the moment so I decided to post the proposal on here instead of Facebook. I don't have much time now, so I'll try to flesh out the story later. Details after the jump.

Today was Run Amuck, a 5K run through a park, over walls and obstacles and through mud pits and a lake. Hunter, Maritza, Katie and I decided to dress up as mayo, relish, ketchup and mustard respectively. Hunter and Maritza made their costumes from scratch. I whipped up some labels in photoshop and ironed them onto plain store bought ketchup and mustard tubes.

3.1 miles of mud and water later:

After crossing the finish line we wandered 50 yards away from the rest of the festivities and after some decoy photos:

Great success.

If anyone is wondering why I chose this particular event to propose, I should mention that we met in a costumed shopping cart race so....

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  2. well done sir. congrats.

    on a side note those are sweet costumes.

  3. And it all comes gull circle- should be a hallmark biopic one day! J lo can play Katie and Tom hanks can play matt.

  4. Hey Congratulations! It’s funny, this blog comes up as “site unknown” on my google reader, so I was like “hmm, what’s this,” clicked on it and came upon this awesome post! Really happy for you both. I agree with Mike, sweet costumes.

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